I have no idea how I got here

I decided therapy was way to costly so I was going to write.    It was 43rd birthday  – the day I knew that everthing I ever knew had changed.   And I wascorrect.  It was several years for me to realize was not nuts.  Then a few more to realize I desevered better then finally I said wait no I want and need more.

But I am still here.  Why is that? I never knew why? I have some ideas but still trying to figure it out.

This family and I were meant to meet and be a part of each others lives.

But was it to be everyone, and for life.

That is what this blog is about and maybe I am not the onlyone out there.   And If I am maybe you can help me anyway.


About yvette3

Newly unemployed recruiter looking for writing inspiration and the next direction for her career.
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